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During my career I spent two decades moving through the worlds of sales and marketing, first as an interested observer (I was an editor and book author) and then as an active participant on the marketing side. For ten years I worked in increasingly senior roles in marketing departments as a Senior Copywriter, Content Strategist and Senior Marketing Manager. In those roles I worked closely with our sales teams.

What I came to notice from those observation stations is that all too often sales and marketing professionals major in the minors. By that I mean they spend a lot of time telling customers about what the company does, but they don’t spend very much time listening. Articulating benefits almost always came before understanding problems.

Click With Your Customers was born of these experiences. I’ve developed a system that blends the science and art of selling, and the results you’ll get will be amazing. Rather than majoring in the minors, you and your team can focus on the most important things: your customers and your bottom line.